Stopping By Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo Tx

Cadillacs at sunset

The Intentional Travelers stop at Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Because they can!

Cadillac Ranch is one of those funky little places you have to see at least once.  Right off of Highway 40 just west of Amarillo Texas, there is an easy, 10 minute stop on the side of the road.  Although there are no signs we could see, it is pretty hard to miss.

It doesn’t have great historical significance.  It isn’t a beautiful piece of art. There is no practical purpose.  This is just a crazy place where a couple of architects and an artist convinced a landowner to let them build something goofy.  How fun!

Three Artists from California Convince a Rancher to let them Plant Cadillacs

The story goes that 3 young men from California wanted to show off the rise and fall of the “tail fin”.  So they put the car’s nose down in the dirt.  Why?  Because they could!

Cadillacs at sunset
10 little caddies all in a row

For more of the story about Cadillac Ranch try this link:  Wikipedia: Cadillac Ranch

Over time the cars have been where the wannabe Picassos of the world display their skill with spray paint.

The budding artists have done their work

Kids climb the cars. Tourists stop and gawk. Photographers snap their next masterpiece.

kids climbing on the stripped and “artistic” cars

Sometimes you do things for the fun of it!

Take a picture, please?

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