Gallery – Palo Duro Canyon State Park: The Grand Canyon of Texas

Palo Duro Canyon Landscape

Southeast of Amarillo, Texas there is a desert canyon that rivals the Grand Canyon in Colorado.  Its name is Palo Duro Canyon.  It is a beautiful, harsh place a short drive from Amarillo.  You might even consider camping at the bottom of the canyon in one of the prepared campgrounds.  The road down is only a little steep.  You could do it in your sleep! (I wouldn’t take my 42′ motorhome down there, but we saw people doing it!)

The Canyon is 120 miles long, and up to 800 feet deep.  Spanish Explorers discovered it and named it Palo Duro, (hardwood), because of the mesquite wood in the area.

During the winter, which is the only time for a vagabond to be in Texas, the concession booth is closed.  Bring your own snacks and water! There is a nice interpretative museum on the rim of the canyon, just after you pass the entrance gates.  Call ahead to check on hours for the museum, as they are somewhat limited.

You can get travel information from the State Park website.

Enjoy the photos!

For another great location near Amarillo, Texas, visit Cadillac Ranch to see some local artists painting old cars!

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