Pecos Pueblo near Albuquerque – Signs of the Anasazi Descendents

If you have asked “where did the Anasazi go?” the answer gets complicated.  Our earlier posts about the Anasazi show them leaving their ancestral places lake Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde, never to return.  There has been some mystery over why they left these highly sophisticated cities. There are even more question about where the went.  Pecos Pueblo seems to be part of the answer.

Pecos Pueblo National Historic Park preserves the ruins of a Pueblo originally known as Cicuye.  The inhabitants build it around 1100 AD.  Over 350 years, the town grew to more than 2000 people.  Some buildings were five stories high.

When you discover the ancient stone pit circles in town, you immediately make the connection with the Ancient Ones, those we sometimes call Anasazi.

Near the original town, is an expanded Pueblo town, complete with the partial reconstruction of a mission church built in 1619.  During the Pueblo Revolt in 1680, the Spanish were ejected from the area and a traditional Kiva was built next to the church.

The Spanish returned in 1692 and reconstructed the burnt church, maintaining improved relations with the local people.

The site was abandoned in 1838, after attacks by Comanches in the area.  The survivors moved to Jemez Pueblo.


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