Visiting Vancouver, BC – The Van Dusen Botanical Garden is for Lovers

Reflecting Pool

Wherever we travel, I seek out the botanical gardens.  When we had a sticks and bricks house, I fancied myself a gardener.  Not a very good one, mind you.  But the gardens that we find in cities all over the US and Canada are restful, beautiful places.  They are food for the soul.  This was especially true for the Van Dusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, BC.  If you are looking for things to do in Vancouver, be sure to include this one.

The Van Dusen Botanical Garden is operated by the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association.  It includes an Elizabethan Maze complete with gargoyles. The maze is a fun way to get lost if you wander through it.  Even so, if you don’t feel like a grand puzzle, feel free to watch the other wanderers from the observation terrace.  There are several other specialty areas, such as a stone garden, a Scottish Heather Garden, and a Korean pavilion. We spent almost three hours here, but we still did not see it all.


Of course, the main reason we walk so slowly in these beautiful gardens is my camera.  Every 10 steps is another special picture.  From a single flower to wide park views, the pleasure of a garden comes from walking very slowly and letting the beauty sink in.

Paths at the Van Dusen Garden
Wandering through the paths at the Van Dusen Botanical Garden

Although I love to take pictures for you to see here, mostly I take garden pictures to put them on my tablet.  Then, in a quiet moment, I can browse through them and remember the sense of peace from a day in the garden.

Reflecting Pool at the Van Dusen Garden
Reflecting pool with daffodils

The light was perfect on this late afternoon in May.  I love taking close up photos and the flowers.

Petals at the Van Dusen Garden
Sunlight through the petals


Enjoy the gallery of the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens.

Where are your favorite gardens?  I will add it to my wishlist!



  1. You have an eye for taking pictures. Stunning. Glad you’re having such a wonderful time!

    1. Author

      The camera gives me an excuse to look long at some beautiful parts of God’s creation. Isn’t travel amazing?

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