Livermore Vineyards

Although we normally travel through California for Thanksgiving and Christmas, this year we spent our family time in March.  Of course March and April and the most beautiful times in Central California.  Perfect weather, and perfect clouds for pictures. On this soft spring day, our son and his family invited us on a trip to the McGrail Vineyard. A beautiful vineyard in Livermore California.

McGrail vineyard in livermore, CA
Livermore Valley Wineries and clouds!

The Other California Wine Country

Livermore is becoming quite a competitor for the more well-known California wine areas of Napa and Sonoma.  Rolling hills, wide open fields for grapes and that mediterranean weather all conspire to create excellent grapes.  And from excellent grapes, comes excellent wine.

This particular vineyard is quite family friendly.  They encourage picnics on their wide grassy front yard.  Of course, they would love for you to buy a glass (or bottle) of wine and enjoy it with your lunch. If you are looking for great wines and hoping to avoid the crowds of Napa and Sonoma, take some time at a winery in Livermore.  A quiet, laid back place pairs nicely with fine wines!

A Day with the Family

Our son and his wife are great lovers of good wine.  Before they had the twins, they belonged to the fan clubs of several Livermore and Pleasanton vineyards.  Economics change a bit when you add two little ones to the family.  So they chose one membership to keep.  Apparently this was the most family friendly of the bunch.  And the wine is magnificent of course!

A day with the family at the McGrail Vineyards in Livermore
My precious granddaughter – one of the twins.

The wine was wonderful, and it was a joy to spend the day with our son, his wife and the twins.  I have to show you the other twin.  You won’t mind will you?


Walking with Mom.

I had to apologize to my daughter-in-law for being a bit distracted, though.  Look at these clouds!

Vines and Clouds at McGrail
Vines at McGrail Vineyards, Livermore, CA

For more photos of this perfect day, see our gallery.

To learn more about the McGrail Vineyard, visit their website at .

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