Great Web Sites and Apps with Travel Ideas

There are an amazing number of web sites with information about things to see and do as you travel in America. Some are large sites you have probably used many times. Others are very specific to a favorite topic, such as Civil War or Lewis and Clark. Browse the list to find some new and sometimes quirky things to see.

General Sites

These sites and apps have a broad range of ideas for the generalist! Explore from your chair, then plan the trip!

This is my new favorite! Beautiful search tools to explore by region, or around a city, or in a state. Nice collection of blogs to get you in the mood to see the country. Loving it! This is a site you could browse for a while, and just take notes.
Web Site, App
Type in a town or a region and let RoadTrippers give you ideas on what to see. Select a few possibilities and the app will run a route through them. Select from accommodations, attractions, restaurants, natural wonders and more.
Trip Advisor is well known for hotels and flights. But it is more useful to RVers for “Things To Do”. The Top 10 list for any area is a great way to make sure you don’t drive by the main event! Because it is a popular site, there tend to be a lot of reviews to make it easy to choose wisely.

Road Trip USA describes several off-Interstate trips across the United States. They advertise “Cross-Country Adventures on America’s Two-Lane Highways”. Their recommendations include detailed descriptions of 6 north-south routes and 5 east-west routes that cross the country.

Great descriptions and interesting stops. You’ll love it even if you only run short stretches of the routes.

Wow! This is a really fun site to just browse and enjoy. So many things to see in this country of ours. How about Mark Twain’s house (re-built) in Hannibal, Missouri? Search by region or topic. Read blogs from travelers. Explore reviews. Very fun!
This is a portal to various other sites listing Federal Lands and Parks. From “America’s Byways” to National Wildlife Refuges, State Parks and World Heritage Sites. Another great site to just explore the country from your chair.

Special Interest

From Civil War re-enactments to local factories, these sites focus on particular interests.

The History Channel does a great job finding interesting locations right around your current location. You can also enter a spot where you plan to be and let it search that area. WARNING for iPad users, the app is listed in iPhone, not iPad. It works fine on iPad, you just won’t find it that way.
One page I am really enjoying just browsing is Legends of America. Great history lesson, links to historical areas, great back stories of the people that built the country. Take a look especially at the “Destinations” menu. Thanks to Nick Russel at Gypsy Journal for this one!
If you enjoy tours of granite quarries and jelly factories, this is the site for you. Pick a state and start exploring!
For the civil war buffs among us, this is your site. Lists of monuments all over the country. Schedule of re-enactments and other events. Excellent site.
A comprehensive schedule of rodeos in the USA and Australia.
Great List of Music Festivals across the country. Most require tickets.
Music Festivals throughout the country. Many free or low cost. A variety of music styles.
This is a great search tool for USFS recreation and monument areas.