One of my favorite evening activities is reading RV Travel Bloggers.

Many people write blogs as a way to keep their friends and family aware of their travels.  They are casual and fun.  Some, of course, are more interesting than others.

Here is a list of some of my favorite RV travel bloggers.  If you have some favorites, we would love to look at them and maybe even add them to the list.  Let us know!

Here’s a list of our favorite RV Travel Bloggers

Living the RV Dream

John & Kathy Huggins have been producing a wonderful podcast since 2011.  They provide a lot of fun information about everything from maintaining your rig to finding great places to stay.  Even more fun are their interviews of people that are active leaders in the RV industry.   Put in your earbuds and take a listen!


Jim and Chris Guld are self-described geeks who also travel (almost) full-time.  They are known for their training videos and seminars that help us make our tech toys fun!  Get to know them by following their travel blog as they talk about where they are and how they got there.  If you are tech-challenged (aren’t we all?) their videos and newsletters are a great help.  See their full site at You can follow their blog, or subscribe to their newsletter and videos.

The Gypsy Journal

If you are looking for fun, easy reading about traveling and life in general, take a look at Nick Russell’s blog.  Nick is the grand daddy of travel bloggers.  Nick minces no words when he talks about issues RV’ers face every day.  A very fun read!

Home on Wheels

A new full-timer and a new blogger, Home On Wheels is a really enjoyable read.   They are reviewing products and talking about their transition to the RV lifestyle.   Great photos too!

These guys are great.  Their blog is packed with information about travel destinations, tools and tricks, and even issues that RV’ers face on the road.  Their web site has a ton of information on free and inexpensive camping as well as techniques for extending the budget without making outrageous sacrifices.