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Mount Hood, Oregon is Perfect for a Road Trip

If you find your happy place somewhere near a beautiful mountain, then we speak the same language.   Late in May, we drove from our campground near Madras, Oregon (Pelton Park Campground), up to Mount Hood and back.  We were traveling with our friend Liz. I keep trying to talk her into...

Cadillacs at sunset

Stopping By Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo Tx

The Intentional Travelers stop at Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Because they can! Cadillac Ranch is one of those funky little places you have to see at least once.  Right off of Highway 40 just west of Amarillo Texas, there is an easy, 10 minute stop on the side of the road.  Although there...

Poor Planning Plagued the Military at Fort Phantom Hill

The Intentional Travelers Visit Fort Phantom Hill, near Abilene Texas. I know you don’t ever get behind on reviewing your photos, but sometimes I am having too much fun to blog!  This post about Fort Phantom Hill is an example of our visits to cool out of the way places, and then...

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