Creating a Travel Journal as a “Private” Blog

Well I finally got it altogether and I forgot where I put it!

When my parents were travelling, Dad pulled a 24’ trailer behind his pickup.  They would travel 6 months at a time, mostly to escape Northern California’s 100 degree summer temperatures.  Mom was the note taker and she took the job seriously!  Even now I can go through her paper notebooks and find the towns and spots they saw, the campgrounds and the restaurants.

And this lady took photos!  Back before digital, she was filling up a roll of film and getting it developed at the next stop.  She had good notes, so she knew where the photos were taken.  Best of all, she made beautiful photo albums that we still treasure and explore, years after they have stopped traveling.

Actually, I’m doing pretty good lately at keeping my act together.   I take good notes in the RVNotepad Journal App about where we go and write some journal comments as well.   Then I find my best digital photographs and insert them in the journal, next to my notes.  It’s almost as pretty as my mom’s Creative Memories photo albums, and a lot less work.

Many people write blogs as a way to keep track of where they have been.  It’s also a way for other people to enjoy their travels and see their photos.  But if I had to write a blog every day, just to keep notes, I am pretty sure I would not do it.  What I really needed was a way to keep a journal, along with all the other stray bits of information that my travels create.  It’s like a “private” blog!  If i want to share it, I can send an adobe PDF file from the app.

One reason to keep it all together!

A neighbor in the next camp site came over to chat and we got talking about great campgrounds and places we have been.  Isn’t that the easiest conversation to get into with RV neighbors?

So I wanted to tell them about this amazing campground we stayed at for a month in Maine.  Old lady that I am (over 50!) my brain just would NOT remember the name of the campground or even the name of the town.  Oh good grief!

So I opened up my RVNotepad Journal Page on my computer, flipped to the right month in the calendar and there it was!  The Pumpkin Patch in Bangor Maine.  With the newest version (2.0) installed, I was able to click the “send” button and email the complete info to my new friend.

Traveling and RVNotepad, it’s how we keep it all together!

The newest version also lets you send attraction information to other people, so if you record your trip to the Grand Canyon or Cadillac Mountain, you can send them that info too.


Version 2.0 was just posted to the web site.  If you need the update, click here to download the app.  You can try it free for 30 days.   Purchase it online if you like it!

What are you using RVNotepad for?  What would you like in the next version?  Let us know!

Pam Johnson
The Intentional Traveler



  1. when will there be a Notepad for Apple/Mac? If I get the on line version how much data does it use?

    1. Author

      Hello Kathy,

      We currently do not have the resources to build a Mac specific version although we hope to do so next year

      The online version uses about as much data as visiting a web page. However if you upload large (4-5mb) files often you will probably notice the data cost

      Hope that helps. You can subscribe to the online version for $1.00 per month and try it to see if it makes sense.


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