As a blogger, I love to read blogs!  As a traveler, I love to see where people have been and I thoroughly enjoy great photos!  So over my morning coffee, I browse through several travel bloggers who write on many different topics.

I am going to list some of my favorites below.  I hope you will add some of these to your favorites!


Why Does a Blogger Blog?

But let me take a minute to explain this whole blogging thing!  Most of us blog because we just can’t keep our virtual mouths shut!  I love to travel and to take pictures, but it’s so much more fun if I know other people love it.  So I write a travel blog for the love of sharing our journey.  Just consider the whole Facebook phenomenon to start understanding how much people love to share.  Blogging is just a deeper, longer version of the same thing.

So … what makes it worth it?  Well, for most of us, the money is pretty silly.  Even if we show ads, which I do, it takes a thousand viewers to make $5.  And only those readers who actually click on the link to my web page (where they can see the ad) count in that number.  So please click to the site!  But more important to most of us is a simple LIKE on Facebook, or even better a SHARE so other people see it.  What really makes my heart beat fast is a comment saying you like the post.  This can be on the web site itself, or just on the Facebook link.

I Want to Keep Up With My Favorite Blogs

So how do you follow a blogger?  If you want to make sure you are not missing a favorite blogger’s posts, you have some choices.

  1. The hard way – write it down someplace and visit their site once a week or so
  2. The easier way – “subscribe“.  On most blog web sites, you can provide your mailing address and you will get the post in your inbox.  This is simple and you know you will be able to read it when you are in the mood.  It just sits in your box until you are ready.
  3. If you are like me, and read a lot of blogs, you might like to use a free tool like Feedly to collect your favorites without cluttering your inbox. You can file them into categories. I use things like “travel”, “archaeology”, “photography”, “cooking”.  Feedly is great because it marks the blogs as “read” and you only see the new ones in your tickler. I Love it!

How to Encourage your Favorite Travel Bloggers

However you do it, don’t forget to respond to the blog if you like it! Click on the “read more …” so you can see the whole article. Even better, comment on it, like it, share it. These are the ways we know if we are reaching people who love our work.

So here’s a few I love! Note that all of the photos come directly from the bloggers web site. They get link points for that, and you get to see their great pictures.

8 Great Travel Bloggers You Will Really Enjoy

1. The Ardent Camper

This is a young couple with “location independent” businesses.  Their photography and “joy of life” are really worth the time to read.  She is a designer and he is a web site developer.  You can really tell; their site is beautiful!

2. The More We Explore

This creative couple sold their house and bought an Airstream!  They are working full-time at remote jobs.  These folks are especially fun because their site is more about videos and photos than a lot of text.  They even put out their travel schedule so you can catch them (if you can!)  Such an enjoyable site to browse!  Most of their site shows videos, so I had a hard time finding a photo to show you.  But I think the pup is having a ball! (or a frisbee?)

3. Tales from a Van-Tramp Couple

This travel blog contains beautiful writing, great photos.  Traveling all over the country, only to the most interesting places, this couple is clearly enjoying their tramping! This is a very fun read and gives me great ideas for new places to go. Such fun!

4. Oh, the Places They Go!

This is a fun couple that has been traveling the US for several years.  Their blog is a great starting point if you are just needing some cool ideas.  Love the writing style.  Quick and very interesting!

5. Ron, Tippy and Treky

This is a really fun, casual blog.  A single traveler (and his pup, of course) travel part-time in a Trek.  His photos are great and his text is short.  Who could ask for anything more?

For those of you who wonder if traveling solo can be fun, Mr. Ron says “of course!”

6. Our Traveling Tribe

Travel Blogger travelling with 6 kids.

Then again, watching kids learn and grow on the road is quite a trip!  Two adults and 6 kids.  I think they’re having fun don’t you?  Mom says they dont “homeschool”, they “roadschool”.  What an amazing classroom.  Three cheers to these gutsy parents!

7.  Just 5 More Minutes

She travels and she cooks.  She even cooks when she travels.  This site has that great combination of amazing photos of our beautiful United States, combined with “What’s for Dinner” made in that tiny kitchen.  Makes me hungry just reading the page.

8.  Road Less Traveled

These gypsies have wondered on boats and rvs.  Their blog is a combination of travel ideas and essential “how do you do that.”  Many years of travel wisdom, wrapped up with the joy of the traveling life.

Who are your favorites?

Are there other bloggers you enjoy?  Comment here.  (remember, we love comments!)  Which of the one I listed here do you really like?  Share our journeys with us.  And if you are blogging, we would love to see your stuff!

If you would like a longer list of these wonderful people who blog, take a look at HitchItch .  It’s a great site.  The webmaster put quite a bit of effort into making sure the blogs are still active.  Nice place!

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Don & Renee

Your post is spot on…..thanks!

We also blog and have been traveling internationally. We are young retirees, at least by our standards, and have a passion for independent travel, new cultures, meeting people, and getting off the beaten path. Last month we purchased a 5th wheel so now will be splitting our time between international and domestic adventures. We will be blogging as we travel around the US and the world.

Check us out on Facebook @adventurousretirees and our website We

Always On Liberty (Dan, Lisa, Krissie & Kandi)

Loved reading your blog! We too, are full-time RV travelers going on 4 years. We enjoy reading others who are doing the same; searching for ‘whatever is out there’ whether it be a trail, a hidden treasure or our souls. Travel is the best thing one could do for themself. We’ve learned more about each other and ourselves in the past 3 years than we have all 34 years of our marriage during our ‘life on the road’. Want to challenge yourself? Travel…out of your boundries and safe zones. Check us out too! Facebook * Instagram * Pinterest –… Read more »