We are Bill and Pam Johnson, the Intentional Travelers. Our full-time RV journey began in May 2012.  We sold our home in Northern California and began the adventure of a lifetime.

The Intentional Travelers

Bill is retired and does the work around the rig that keeps us going.

Pam is semi-retired. I work as a part-time software developer on a contract basis. The rest of my time goes into planning our travel, taking photos and sharing our journeys with you.

So why are we the “Intentional Travelers”?

A person is intentional when they make conscious choices about how they live and what they do. We don’t do a lot of heavy planning about where we go. But we go to places for a reason. We are learning about history, thriving in God’s creative handiwork, absorbing cultures and meeting people. All of these things are by choice. If we don’t pay attention to these things, we fall into the habits of moving from place to place without really inhaling the aroma of each new experience.

What will you find here?

Much of this website is designed to give you ideas of where you would like to travel.  Our travel destinations are organized by state and province so you can find them easily. We are also sharing our intentional travel practices, such as planning and lifestyle ideas.

If you like our photos, the best are available for sale. The licenses are non-exclusive multi-use. So if you like a photo, you can download the higher quality version, with no copyright watermark, for less than $5.  Use it on your website or your product.  Enjoy!