We love to travel and, believe it or not, we love museums.  You learn things in the small town local museums that would be very difficult to find any other way.  We believe that history for travelers should give us the context for all of these little (and large) places we are exploring.

The down side to museums is that they are quite focussed.  They have a story to tell.  But if you don’t understand the bigger picture, the context, the “back story”, you can miss the point to that story.

So, in this new series called “Back Story”, we are going to provide some context.  The goal is to provide “overviews”.  We are not going to delve into the arcane details of every battle.  Instead we are looking at the overall flow of events that got us to the story at hand.

Our first article is on the French and Indian War (1754-1763).  Who fought it?  How did it start?  How did it end, and how was America different when it was over?  For a war that is often ignored in American History, it had a surprising impact on what was to come.

We then spent a couple of months studying the Anasazi in New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.  Here’s a back story article about the Anasazi culture, seriously fascinating.  The next article is a list of sites you might want to stop by.  Locations and details about each site, so you can choose where to go.  Of course, don’t forget to read the Travel notes for our time there.  It was really worth the effort.