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Pecos Pueblo near Albuquerque – Signs of the Anasazi Descendents

If you have asked “where did the Anasazi go?” the answer gets complicated.  Our earlier posts about the Anasazi show them leaving their ancestral places lake Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde, never to return.  There has been some mystery over why they left these highly sophisticated cities. There are even more question about where the […]

Don’t drive by the Sisemore RV Museum in Amarillo, Texas

  It looks a bit like an RV Sales and Parts Place, probably because it is. But behind the shop, Sisemore RV Museum is a great little museum of beautifully restored RV’s from days gone by.  I have a friend who would love the VW Bus. I have to say that all of these vehicles […]

Palo Duro Canyon Landscape

Gallery – Palo Duro Canyon State Park: The Grand Canyon of Texas

  Southeast of Amarillo, Texas there is a desert canyon that rivals the Grand Canyon in Colorado.  Its name is Palo Duro Canyon.  It is a beautiful, harsh place a short drive from Amarillo.  You might even consider camping at the bottom of the canyon in one of the prepared campgrounds.  The road down is […]

Cadillacs at sunset

Stopping By Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo Tx

The Intentional Travelers stop at Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Because they can! Cadillac Ranch is one of those funky little places you have to see at least once.  Right off of Highway 40 just west of Amarillo Texas, there is an easy, 10 minute stop on the side of road.  Although there are no signs we […]

Poor Planning Plagued the Military at Fort Phantom

The Intentional Travelers Visit Fort Phantom Hill, near Abilene Texas. Hurray! The Intentional Travelers are back on the road! We spent four months with a client in North Carolina from September through December.  Then, we hustled across the country to see our family in California.  It only took us two months. That’s really fast for […]

Jerry Lee Lewis Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee

Rocking and Rolling in Memphis Tennessee

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text]   Traveling the Mississippi Following the Mississippi River South on Highway 65, we come, of course, to Memphis. In the neighboring town of West Memphis, Arkansas, we stopped at our favorite RV park in the area.  It is called “Tom Sawyers RV Park“.  The sites are large and comfortable and right on […]

9 Excellent Lists of Free Camping Sites for Boondocking

Bill and I have been full-time RVers for over five years.  In that time, we have experimented with many different parking options, from full service RV parks to WalMarts and Truck Stops. We have also spent a few weeks here and there parking in the desert in the winter. I love it! So as a […]

Dinosaur National Monument, on the Utah/Colorado Border

Where else would you find amazing geology, dinosaur fossils still stuck in the wall and some Americana besides? Well at the Dinosaur National Monument of course! The park can be accessed from two locations off of Highway 40. The Western entrance is near Jensen, Utah, in the Northeastern corner of the state. The eastern entrance […]

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