Intentional:  The process of making decisions by choice rather than randomly or by habit.

We travel to learn. We travel to be surprised by new perspectives. We travel to change. Are you an intentional traveler?

Jerry Lee Lewis Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee

Rocking and Rolling in Memphis Tennessee

  Traveling the Mississippi Following the Mississippi River South on Highway 65, we come, of course, to Memphis. In the neighboring town of West Memphis, Arkansas, we stopped at our favorite RV park in the area.  It is called “Tom Sawyers RV Park“.  The sites are large and comfortable and right on the banks of the Mississippi.  Watching the barges run up and down the river is worth the stay all by itself. The first time we pulled into the park, we landed near a pretty Tiffin rig and struck a conversation with the owners.  “Are you going into town?”[…]

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9 Excellent Lists of Free Camping Sites for Boondocking

Bill and I have been full-time RVers for over five years.  In that time, we have experimented with many different parking options, from full service RV parks to WalMarts and Truck Stops. We have also spent a few weeks here and there parking in the desert in the winter. I love it! So as a relative beginner in that type of camping, I started looking around for lists of free camping sites. How do we figure out where to go? Remember that we have a 42′ motorhome so some areas are more awkward than others.  So by asking around, reading[…]

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Dinosaur National Monument, on the Utah/Colorado Border

Where else would you find amazing geology, dinosaur fossils still stuck in the wall and some Americana besides? Well at the Dinosaur National Monument of course! The park can be accessed from two locations off of Highway 40. The Western entrance is near Jensen, Utah, in the Northeastern corner of the state. The eastern entrance is about 40 miles east at a little town called Dinosaur, in the northwestern side of Colorado. A Wall of Dinosaurs, Oh My! What makes this park really special, to a Grandma that loves dinosaurs (me), is the partially excavated wall of fossils. Over 65[…]

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Pony Express Route

[BackStory] Pony Express Trail Riders – Orphans Preferred!

We visited St. Joseph, Missouri for only one reason. We wanted to visit the Pony Express Museum at the place where it all began. This is where the Pony Express Trail Riders started their westward journey. Visit the Pony Express Museum at St. Joe I love the stories of the people who built America. Some were rich, making their millions while building big things like the railroads. Some were adventurers, exploring trails that would later become major highways. All of them were people who stepped out of their comfort zone and tried something new. The Pony Express was definitely something[…]

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7 Tips to Make Your Travel More Joyful

We met a couple yesterday in Hannibal Missouri.  They were on a two-week vacation.  They were traveling from Seattle, WA and planning to be back home “in a couple of days”.  Total round trip was 4000 miles or 285 miles a day. The wife looked exhausted, but was enduring it well. The husband was pretty proud of himself.  “I’m a school bus driver. I love to drive!” I wonder if he got a gold star? We travel full-time, so we never take a “vacation” as such. But I do know that sometimes traveling loses its joy! We forget why we[…]

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Trail of the Ancients Day 3 – Mesa Verde, Colorado

We spent a month in the four corners area of Colorado, exploring the ancient history and beauty of this surprising area. The Mesa Verde National Park was a full day trip all by itself.  It would not be hard to enjoy two or three days just in this one park, especially if you choose to hike into all of the accessible ruins. Anasazi Trail – Day 1 Anasazi Trail – Day 2 Mesa Verde National Park is located about 20 miles east of Cortez, Colorado, very close to the borders of New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. Getting Organized The park[…]

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Trail of the Ancients Day 2 – Hovenweep, Anasazi Heritage Center and Lowry Pueblo

Staying in the Dolores/Cortez area of Southern Colorado gave us a great opportunity to explore the Trail of the Ancients in Utah and Colorado. We took a second day to explore three sites very close to our campground in Dolores.  Hovenweep, Lowry Pueblo and the Anasazi Heritage Center are all partially reconstructed ruins of the Anasazi, otherwise known as the “Ancient Puebloans”.  If you love ancient history, you don’t need to go to Mexico or Peru to seem some classic examples.  (Although Mexico and Peru are both worth a trip, if you can get there!) Day 1 of the Trail[…]

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Gallery – A Week in the Florida Keys

We spent a week at Long Key State Park in the Florida Keys.  This is one of those “make reservations way in advance” places.  We got lucky and came by a cancellation.  We were so close to the beach, I could not walk in front of my motorhome at high tide. Beautiful place for kayaks, swimming, hiking.  And much more peaceful than all the crazy keys such as Key West! Enjoy the photos!

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Transcontinental Railroad Tycoons Got Rich Using Government Money

If you needed a railroad to cross 1800 miles of barren countryside, would you ask the Railroad Tycoons to build it? The controversy the swirled around the funding of the Transcontinental Railroad started the day the first spike was hammered in. It continues to this day. In truth, the debate highlights our national discussion about the appropriate role of government in major projects and how it is that the rich get richer. Why Build a Transcontinental Railroad? California became a US Territory in 1848 with the end of the Mexican-American War. The California Gold Rush started that same year. Between 1848[…]

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Gallery-Our Drive on the Alpine Loop, CO

We drove the Alpine Loop in June from Dolores Colorado, through Durango, up to Silverton, Telluride and back to Dolores.  Absolutely Beautiful.  The drive took all day and was a little over 300 miles.  Completely worth it!    

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